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April 13, 2021

Belly - Shameek shall inherit the earth

Steady are you ready, hold onto your Rottweiler privates and meet me on the steamy couch for sloppy banana eating lessons. Join us as we pay tribute to Earl DMX Simmons. This week we navigate the streets with the 1998 film, Belly. Patron shoutout to Jamie Russell!


April 7, 2021

Concrete Cowboy - Turn the Stables

Greet the house horse with cheese and stock up on urine guns. We are fighting gentrification and forgotten histories this week with Concrete Cowboy.


March 30, 2021

The Passion of the Christ - Herod and heart

Come as you are with garment tearing anger as we have no choice but to blame the one dimensional scepter wielding villain. Get lifted with us this week as we discuss Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ.


March 23, 2021

The White Tiger - Ashok and awe

Meet me in the darkness as we plot to break through the rooster coop! Join the revolt as we roar into 2021 film, The White Tiger.


March 16, 2021

Pride and Prejudice - Bennett over backwards

Find your faculties and meet me at the billowing blouse lake, you are cordially invited as we present ourselves to society with the 1995 BBC Miniseries (only officially recognised in the FYR household), Pride and Prejudice.

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